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Marketing story analysis

The story under analysis is “When marketers capture the moment” by David Benady. It was posted in the Guardian on 13th November 203. This piece explains the impact of real time marketing. The author argues that consumers today are more demanding from advertisers. They require witty but relevant messages, which must be delivered in real time. Companies like BMW, biscuit maker, Oreo and Betfair have used this strategy to capture new markets. These businesses have revolutionised consumer reach through social media. Nonetheless, one must invest considerable resources to achieve any clout.
Literature review
Consumer behaviour
The consumer decision model is quite useful in explaining consumer behaviour. Blackwell (2001) explains that consumers often engage in a seven-step decision process. First, they recognize their needs, search for information, evaluate alternatives, buy, reflect upon their purchase and divest. Sometimes stimuli could alter this process. The stimuli may be internal or external. International influences include the knowledge, resources, personality or attitudes of the buyer. External influences involve social class, family, culture or certain situations. In this regard, consumers are active thinkers and planners. Erasmus (2001) disagrees with the above writers by stating that consumer behaviour is not always rational. Sometimes individuals may behave in a non conscious manner. Consumer behaviour is sometimes opportunistic and even disorderly. Using rational approaches may discount the relevance of emotions and other dynamics. ...
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The article has found a way of merging traditional generic marketing concepts with a modern day marketing approach known as real time marketing. It seems to abide by most of the elements of the 4cs framework of communication mix as well as the 7Ps of marketing…
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