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Name: Course: Date: Introduction As the number of health-conscious individuals and athletic people surges in an upward spiral, various product and service offerings that promise to help the people reach a maximum level of physical fitness flooded in the market or in the health and wellness industry.


That is why some people call it activity tracker and wear them on their wrist. This will help the wearers monitor their physical activity, their daily activities in line with physical fitness like for example tracking the amount of calories they are burning. With a sheer understanding of the product’s features, advantages and benefits, one can say that it is especially formulated for athletic and health-conscious people who are looking forward to keep their body in shape and boost their athletic performance. Now generally one can say that there is a potential market for this product offering, but performing market segment analysis and identifying the segment’s market characteristics, and target marketing analysis is necessary to be employed in order to possibly define a new market segment that will help increase the demand for a certain product. Definition of the market segment In this section, the work at hand presents the actual market segments that the Nike fuel band exists in. A pie chart is shown to present with ease the relevant market share and potential market relationship. According to the case that Digital Ad Blog (2013) presented concerning the Nike fuel band and its target market, athletic individuals from 24 to 35 years old with medium-high disposable income are the potential targets of the product. ...
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