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Consumer behavior and big idea concept for the Nike Fuel Band First section: Consumer behavior The people who wear the Nike Fuel Band are people who care about fitness. They also depend heavily on technology as their information source. Staying active is a challenging feat, especially when one does not have something to motivate them.


Buyers of the product want to understand their habits more effectively, so that they can improve. Shame is one of the factors that propel buyers to make use of the device once they purchase it. If no activity is registered, the band will have a dull red dot with no other signal. Therefore, users will feel guilty about not doing enough to activate the sensors in the machine. On the other hand, one may also assume that these consumers are driven by attainment of short term goals. They want to feel good about themselves and the efforts that they have put into self improvement. It is for this reason that the band sends congratulatory messages to those persons who have attained their daily goals. Buyers of the product are also believers of scientific techniques. This device will collect data on the consumer’s fitness activities throughout the day through a combination of their movements and plyometrics. Essentially, one would not buy such a band if one did not believe in the power of science to find information about something and then build it to become a more informative insight. These are also people who are well-informed about fitness processes. Many of them know the intricacies of calorie counting as well as the implications of exercise intensity (Dent, 2012). ...
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