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Morrisons Supermarkets Plc. – Retail Executive Summary This paper mainly highlights the operations of the organization of Morrison Supermarket Plc. Along with this, it also describes the external and internal environments of the organization as well as the brief evaluation of the position on the basis of PESTEL and SWOT analysis made to analyse the external and internal environment.


Being headquartered in England, it operates successfully in 504 stores. Among which, 455 stores are operating in and around UK and the remaining in other parts of England. Due to its wide range of products it attained the fourth position in case of retailing among other supermarkets in the entire region of UK. Other than this, some of its stores are also present in English Midlands, Scotland, South East as well as north of England. Other than this, most of the stores of Morrisons operate in larger supermarkets presenting wide range of groceries and home-wares as well as electronics, clothing and furniture’s as compared to its rival players. Although, Morrison does not offer the facility of online shopping, still its range of customers is increasing with a considerable extent. Due to which, its market share is also enhancing with 11.3% along with a revenue of ?18.116 billion in the year 2013. ...
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