Reasons why the Proof for the Existence of God is Necessary

Reasons why the Proof for the Existence of God is Necessary Research Paper example
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The proof about the existence of God is not smooth as seen by other individuals. This is due to the many challenges experienced by individuals striving to ensure that other people know why it is necessary to proclaim God.


The thesis of this paper is principally on religion and the analysis of the company. It looks down to exhibiting the purpose of God in the companies’ welfare. In addition, the essay is worth reading, as it brings out cordial relations of the different employees in different departments. Further, it is due to God that companies manage operations with fewer constraints. The thesis is worth arguing about because without God, all operations fail. The universe as wide as it is depends on God and all living beings in it should know how they came into being. There exist five principal proofs for the existence of God. These are namely the proof that the universe had a beginning, the universe exhibit designs, there is a common morality for all human beings, the resurrection of Jesus, and a suggestion for the experience of the claims of Jesus. To begin with, it is clear that everything should have a cause and this therefore denotes the reason why the universe had a foundation (Goswami, 2008). God is the super founder of all beings. In making the universe, God used several unique means to bring out a clear picture of His (God) real self to individuals inhabiting the world. ...
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