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Industry Readiness for Going Global 2 - Assignment Example


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Industry Readiness for Going Global 2

Notably, the number and effectiveness of services offered by this industry depend on the type of cell phone, its features, and internet access. The mobile phone industry is very diverse where almost every region or even country accommodates the mobile phone industry. Indeed, this is a trillion dollar industry where more than 6.7 Billion people were having cell phones at the end of 2012 with this figure expected to rise in 2013 (IDC, 2013). Many companies participate in the mobile phone industry. The major mobile phone manufacturing companies include Samsung, Nokia, Apple, ZTE, LG, and Huawei. The following table represents the percentage of major mobile manufacturers in the industry by 2012 according to International Data Corporation (IDC) (IDC, 2013). Rank Manufacturer 2012 Percentage according to IDC 1 Samsung 23.0 2 Nokia 17.9 3 Apple 9.9 4 ZTE 3.6 5 LG - 6 Huawei 3.3 7 Others 42.3 In terms of mobile business, the biggest mobile companies include China Mobile, Verizon wireless, Apple iPhone, Samsung galaxy, and Vodafone mobile. The following table represents the top ten mobile companies in the world with relation to mobile business (Communities Dominate Brand, 2013). Rank Company 2012 Returns in Billions 1 China Mobile-China $ 87 2 Verizon wireless-U.S.A $ 75 3 Apple iPhone-U.S.A $ 74 4 Samsung galaxy-South Korea $ 69 5 AT & T wireless-U.S.A $ 62 6 Vodafone Mobile-U.K $ 60 7 Telefonica-Spain $ 55 8 NTT DoCoMo-Japan $ 48 9 T-Mobile-Germany $ 47 10 Orange Mobile-France $ 46 The overall

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mobile phone market is on a growing trend subject to the rise in technology and emerging markets (IDC, 2013). IDC records that the global mobile phone shipments grew 6% on-year in Q2 2013 to an astounding 432.1 million units (IDC, 2013). Moreover, the worldwide mobile phone market will grow by approximately 7.3% in 2013 that is an increase of 6.1 % from the growth in 2012 (IDC, 2013). The following table represents the mobile phone manufacturers’ growth in sales in Q2 2013 according to IDC (Epstein, 2013). Rank Manufacturer Q2 2013 Units 2012 Q2 2013 percentage 1 Samsung 113.4 million units 23.0 26.2 2 Nokia 61.1 million units 17.9 14.1 3 Apple 31.2 million units 9.9  6.4 4 LG 16.2 million units  3.4 3.7 5 ZTE 15 million units  3.6 3.5 Notably, the three major foreign competitors of the U.S. mobile phone industry are China mobile-China, Samsung Galaxy- South Korea, and Vodafone mobile-U.K. China Mobile is the largest mobile company in the world in terms of market capitalization (China Mobile Limited, 2013). The Chinese government owns China mobile, which offers mobile voice and multimedia services to its users via its wide telecommunications network (China Mobile Limited, 2013). On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy- South Korea is a product of Samsung Electronics, which manufactures various handsets Android smartphone series (Byford, 2013). Indeed, Samsung Galaxy S has the fastest OS and the thinnest handset. Samsung galaxy-South Korea is the fourth largest mobile company in the world in terms of market capitalization. The company is recording immense growth due to the demand of its Android smartph


Industry Readiness for Going Global Industry Readiness for Going Global The mobile phone industry is one of the recent and growing industries in the modern global market. Various factors like technological; growth, modernization, and globalization led to the emergence, development, and growth of the mobile phone industry…
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Industry Readiness for Going Global 2 essay example
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