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Phase 1: Situation Analysis Executive Summary This report provides a situation analysis of British Airways, evaluating the current operations of the airline in order to establish gaps and issues which need improvement. The methods of this paper include an analysis of reports on the operations of the airline, based on competition, how it manages the industry, and the customers, including the internal operations of the airline.


Major shifts have also been seen in terms of consumers which have mostly become older citizens. Consumer behavior has also shifted to the globally and internet connected consumer with more demands on convenience. Issues being faced by the airline include: competition from other airlines, increased demands for other forms of transport, including trains, low satisfaction levels from consumers, low innovation as well as poor reliability. Phase 2 Executive Summary Based on the analysis of British Airways, possible objectives for its improvement are important considerations and this paper shall primarily cover the strategies and recommendations for the airline in order to improve its marketability. This second phase of the marketing report on British Airways shall be carried out through an exploration of current plan of action and other effective measures needed by the airline in order to improve its business. The primary objective for British Airways is to increase their customers and market share in the long haul category from 63% to 70% by December 2013. ...
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