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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# It is without question that mobile devices and cellular phones have ultimately reshape the world in which we live. It is difficult to imagine a society in which photography, music, and mobile communications could take place without the use of DSLR cameras, iPods, iPads, and cellular phones that package many of these products into one.


However, it is without question that with this drastic increase in available technology, the price of these devices have risen precipitously. Along with this price increase, so too as the consumption habits that the consumers display. Rather than changing a mobile device several times throughout the year, individuals are now encouraged, by simple force of economics, to retain their device longer, protect it, and seek to repair it in the off chance that it is somehow damaged. It is further estimated by experts that the industry responsible for the repair of mobile devices engenders an economy that is worth tens of millions of dollars annually. Whereas the repair of current mobile devices takes many shapes and forms, the most common repair that is engaged is repair of chipped, broken, or cracked glass screens. Whereas formerly mobile devices were put together with plastic LCD panels, the trend towards touch-screen devices has meant that more and more of these devices are now made with glass. ...
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