Goodwill Industries : Marketing to a variety of customer types

Goodwill Industries : Marketing to a variety of customer types Essay example
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Goodwill Industries – Marketing to a variety of customer types Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Date of Submission: Introduction The paper puts into perspective various critical issues regarding the market in which Goodwill operates. The factors that will be illuminated in the subsequent paragraphs include goodwill customer types, value offered, and factors affecting consumer behavior.


The first line is the retail training; the company trains people of various selling skills. The first bunch of customers refers to those seeking training on retail skills such as selling skills, marketing skills, and stores management (Rodger, 2009). Those who receive training from the company become well-equipped and can be absorbed as sales people or can start their own successful small-scale retail outlets. The other line of business in which Goodwill operates is referred to as retail business. The company has stocked variety household products such as clothes, furniture, and other home appliances. The company, therefore, has a lot of shoppers who visit the retail outlets of the company to buy assorted products. The other type of business line that the company operates in is the recycling business. The company buys second hand household products such as furniture, clothes, and electronics, and engages in value addition before reselling them at a profit to consumer. Goodwill’s value proposition Good will values its customers and as such; it is committed to building a strong brand that accords the company's customer loyalty. The company has three customer groups, and each group has unique value proposition. ...
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