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Tip Top Accessories By (Your Name) Presented to (Instructor/Tutor) (Course/Subject) (Institution/University) (City, State) (Date) Business environment The micro environment for the business has been controlled by the family over the years and includes factors that originate from the suppliers, customers, creditors, competitors and shareholders.


45). The macro environment of the company is composed of the economic forces which have massive impact on the performance of the business. However, the performance of Tip Top accessories is limited to a geographical location and the target market is based on the geographical segregation, which has ensured success of the organization. However, the company has not experienced expansion because of the limited focus and vision. Technological changes in the society do not affect the company because its products are simple, which has ensured success of the organization (Crawford, 2000, p. 112). The politics of the country cannot affect the business because of the relative stability associated with the country. The macro and micro business environment has been stable in the country, which improves the success of the company. The performance of the company has been based on geographical segregation and local demand which may not be viable for long term success. Market segmentation The current performance of the business is based on focusing on the loyal customers and developing the necessary brand resonance with a small group of people. The strategy has limited the scope of the company significantly which is evident by its performance. ...
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