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Name: Instructor's name: Course: Date: Branding Branding is essential in marketing of products both to customers and other business. Branding enables the creation of a brand image that improves the sales and marketing of the product. It is necessary for the impact of brand creation in relation to technological changes to be evaluated so as to establish the market perception of the society and related business.


Brand is linked with the product by relaying the attributes and character of the product (Roeck, Maon and Lejeune). However, the understanding of brand and product is necessary which include the understanding of the corporate strategy. Developing of strong brand is vital in the evaluation of the market. Branding in corporate and product sectors is similar because it involves creation of a positive image about the brand. In spite of excellent branding strategies, the company must distinguish a brand from a product, which is the key goal of branding. Brand involves the marketing of the diverse range of products developed in the market. In fact, it involves the creation of a strong resonance with brand. The online business dictionary defines a product as a good idea, method of doing something, information or data, or service resulting in meeting the need or want of the customer or population. It further describes it in legal term as commercially distributed item that may be physical, intangible such as a result or output derived from an act of fabrication, manufacturing. This should pass through a distribution channel ending at the consumption of the good or service. ...
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