Ad Proposal for Apple 2014

Ad Proposal for Apple 2014 Essay example
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Ad Proposal for Apple 2014
This paper will propose a plan for a new ad campaign for Apple to be launched in the year 2014 that will have a pressure to maintain the already built brand image of the company and also to take it to a new level in the global information technology industry


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The principle intention of the paper is to analyze the present marketing strategy of Apple Inc (Apple) and depict the strengths and weaknesses of the same, which would further be considered for strategizing future campaigns. Contextually, keeping in consideration the strengths and loopholes of advertising in Apple, a proposition has been made to the company, aiming at its launch of an ad campaign in the succeeding year, i.e. 2014. This proposal has been based on the analysis of the past records of the advertising strategies adapted by Apple, which were further assessed from a critical point of view in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses, with respect to the ad campaigns. Observably, the main strength of advertising approach of the company is its simplicity and its ability to ensure emotional connectedness with the targeted customers. However, the company is seen to be somewhat reluctant towards targeting the non-competitive market with the help of its advertising, which has remained to be a debatable topic in the recent years. Contextually, a proposal has been made planning the future advertising campaigns of Apple, which has focused on enhancing the appeal of the advertising on the competitive and the non-competitive markets along with insuring maximum innovation of the same keeping the company’s strengths and weaknesses into account. ...
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