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LinkedIn Abstract This paper deals with the analysis of the social media vehicle LinkedIn which is used as a platform for professional networking. The risk factors linked with the site and the history of its growth are ascertained. The factors that affected the growth or decline and the future trend of the site are discussed.


Introduction LinkedIn was officially launched in 2003, with a wide network. The company possesses a diversified business model and generates its revenue from talent and marketing solution along with subscription of premium products. It is a social networking site used by the professionals for their business purposes as well as to increase connectivity with the public and other allied professionals in different fields. The site is used for various marketing reasons by the companies and it provides an opportunity to the members to showcase their talents. It provides a business oriented atmosphere and its objective is to increase connectivity. It is a useful social media for developing marketing strategies to increase connectivity for the professionals (LinkedIn Corporation, 2013). Discussion Risk Factors The social media with the advancement of technology is becoming an integral part of business networking. The platform is aggressively used by the businesses for the purpose of marketing along with increasing connectivity. LinkedIn can trigger a wide variety of risks to the organizations such as the risk of information leakage. The risk factors involved can be the leakage of confidential information by the third party which can prove to be a breach. ...
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