Service Quality in University Education

Service Quality in University Education Literature review example
Literature review
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GRADUATE EMPLOYABILITY Name: Course Instructor School Date: Introduction A vast array of recent studies have comprehensively explored the Graduate Employability aspect of Human Resource Management and Marketing. In most cases, the studies have always addressed, among other things, the unemployment rates in various states, availability of job opportunities and the impact of the present day recession on graduate employment (Zimmerman, T.


1994, 45). The Literature review attempts to illuminate the available pool of knowledge pertinent to the contemporary Graduate Employability discipline, analyze the works, and identify existing gaps with special emphasis on a University setup. The identification of such gaps could motivate the study to enhance the availability of knowledge on Graduate Employment (Jean, W. 2010, 311). Conceptual Framework The fundamental variables of the study include the students, employers and the University, including the student link and the university lecturers. In particular, the study is predominantly projected to focus on the disparity between what graduates primarily consider fundamental for employment and what employers believe the students actually need (Page, B. 2010, 117). This implies that there is also a lack in correspondence between the skills offered by the University and the actual skills required by the learners. ...
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