The investigation into effectiveness of using social media to engage customers.

The investigation into effectiveness of using social media to engage customers. Literature review example
Literature review
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The Investigation into the Effectiveness of Using Social Media to Engage Customers 2. LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1. Definition of Customer Engagement (CE) The identification and understanding of market trends are critical challenges for marketers worldwide. Most commonly, the financial performance of firms in regard to their products/ services is used as the basis for estimating the success of these products/ firms either locally or globally (Bhalla 2010).


Paine (2011) notes that the criteria used for describing customer engagement cannot be standardized. It is explained that customer engagement can be related to different aspects of customer behavior, as for example the provision by the customer of his e-mail address so that he is informed on the new products/ services of a particular firm. Evans (2010) states that consumer engagement is a complex concept. According to the above researcher, an entrepreneur can understand that his customers are engaged when they react as follows: ‘they collaborate with each other and share the results of those efforts with other participants’ (Evans 2010, p.212). In other words, consumer engagement is characterized by collaboration and information sharing. From a similar point of view, customer engagement has been characterized as a concept reflecting ‘the engagement of customers to a particular brand’ (Tuten 2008, p.26). It is noted that the engagement of customers to a brand can be derived by the loyalty of the customers to the specific brand. ...
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