a "Nestle" breakfast cereal (market opportunities, product strategy and next steps)

a "Nestle" breakfast cereal (market opportunities, product strategy and next steps) Essay example
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Nestle Breakfast Cereals Customer inserts his/her name Course title Instructor’s name Institution’s name Department’s name Date Contents Nestle Breakfast Cereals 1 Contents 2 1.Market Opportunities 3 2.Product Strategy 4 3.Next Steps 6 1. Market Opportunities The consumption of breakfast cereals in the U.K has risen with 90% consumers claiming to have eaten the same in the past six months.


On the other hand, market remains competitive with competition from pastries, cereal bars and biscuits as well as porridges. It is interesting to note that the consumers over 50, given their need for greater convenience and behavior of eating more at home may be inclined towards “hot cereal” products. These hot cereals offer an even more convenient breakfast option for consumers along with a more portable “pot” format for the cereal. They also reflect the deep-seated cultural tradition of eating “hot oats” or “hot biscuits” across continental Europe (Culliney, 2013). Considering that individuals over 50 tend to prescribe to age-old traditions, this may seem just the right option. Our competitor, Kellogg’s, has already stepped into this market by providing its “Special K Nourish” product (Culliney, 2013). Considering that consumers over 50 years tend to use the microwave or steam for the preparation of their cereals, hot cereals provide just the right opportunity to capitalize this. Furthermore, targeting the mental health of consumers over 50 presents a vast opportunity for breakfast cereals sellers. ...
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