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Marketing Name Institution Marketing PEST analysis of M&S Company Introduction M&S is an abbreviation for Marks & Spenser. The organization was formed in 1884 where Michael Marks came up with a market stall situated in Leeds. In 1994, Marks partnered with Thomas Spenser who was a cashier at a wholesale in Dewhirst and together they opened their first shop in Leeds in1994.


By analyzing the current business situation of M&S, it will be possible for one to determine if the company should revise its way of serving customers, the way of market segmentation, or split its products into various target markets Macro factors that affect M&S These are the external factors that have an indirect impact on any company.  They include the political, social, technological, economical, and legal entities. For instance, in the legal entity, the government of UK has brought in energy saving organizations like “Green Tax” and “Change Levy” on the use of energy to lessen carbon dioxide by 30% and distributed subsidies to make improvements on subsidies. This has affected M&S positively in such a way that the company has been forced to launch an incentive policy in which stores can maintain the value of 15% of all savings it makes and above its moves. The move helps the company to save about 10% of its energy (Moiz, 2010). Micro Factors Marketing management is obliged to attract customers and set up good relationships with them by initiating the satisfaction and worth of their preferences. ...
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