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Marketing Environment- Walt Disney Holidays Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Marketing management as a discipline calls for the practical management of firm’s marketing resources and activities by applying optimum marketing techniques; influenced by the firm’s size, corporate culture and the industry that the firm is in.


Marketing environment on the other hand can be viewed through analysis of factors and forces that influence and/or affects firm’s ability to build and maintain a long lasting relationship with its clients that later necessitate application of the marketing management strategies (Sheehan, 2011, 6). Marketing environment can be analysed in three broad categories to include micro environment analysis that calls for evaluation of factors and forces within the business and unearthing the ways in which they affect business’ ability to serve its clients (Luck & Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2010, 13). Instruments of evaluation in this kind of analysis include the company itself to include all its operational departments, firm’s suppliers, marketing intermediaries, publics and analysis of customer market. Macro environment analysis calls for evaluation of forces that are outside the firm’s direct involvement and influence which in the long run affects the micro environment factors and thus affecting the firm’s operations. Instruments of evaluation in this analysis include demography, culture, natural calamities such as earthquakes, droughts and storms; analysis of the economy, politics and technology. ...
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