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Global consumer culture is a beguiling illusion and a gangerous fiction for the marketing manager - Essay Example

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This paper will highlight the importance of national, cultural and religious values in context of globalization. The aim of this paper is to provide convincing arguments and logical reasoning behind the failure of globalization strategies with the help of practical examples of multi-national corporations…

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Global consumer culture is a beguiling illusion and a gangerous fiction for the marketing manager

The Association of Qualitative Research has defined consumer culture as:
“Consumer culture suggests that consumption - the act of buying goods or services - is a cultural activity, one imbued with meaning and driven not just by practical or economic factors. Mapping and exploring the business implications of these cultural meanings is one of the principal functions of qualitative market research.”
By reviewing the above definition we can conclude that cultural values directly influence the consumption patterns of buyers. Therefore, in order to create a global consumer culture it is essential to carry out an in-depth investigation and research of the local traditions, customs, language, heritage, norms, values and ethics of target foreign market in order to maximize the opportunities of success and minimize the risks of failure. In this way, the process of globalization will meet the standards of localization.
Since late 20th century the world has become a global village. Due to faster means of communication, rapid advancement in technology, easy means of transportation and increased international business transactions; the barriers between cultural and regional boundaries are almost eliminated. Over the years the religious and cultural tolerance among various societies has increased dramatically and people no longer resist living in metropolitan cities where people from different countries, cultures, societies and political backgrounds live together. ...
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