Factors Affecting Marketing Strategy

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Factors Affecting Marketing Strategy Abstract The study evaluates the promotional campaign for off brand cereal in the competitive market. From the study the involvement decision of consumers regarding the off brand cereal and the market segment to be targeted for the advertisement campaign are recognized.


The product type dealt with in this study for the development of advertising campaign is “Off-Brand Cereal,” which has a low involvement. Low involvement products refer to a set of products wherein the consumer takes the decision to purchase or consume it based on less information, as the products are used on a regular basis and have a relatively low price as compared to other products. Low involvement is when the need for the product is recognized and a purchase is made without much knowledge. Consumers normally involve in the routine response behavior which is immediate purchase and also deal with impulse purchase which is buying of products without planning while making low involvement decisions. The price involved is for off brand cereal is low as compared to other products such as cars. Moreover, the low involvement products have less advertisement as these are the products that are used on a regular basis by nearly every individual. The quality of the product has nothing to do with the price or the advertisement as the new product launch requires a clear focus on promotion to reach the public even if it is of low involvement. The marketing strategy used for the off brand cereal selected will be the mimicking an existing campaign of a famous cereal brand. ...
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