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Starbucks Coffee Company THESIS STATEMENT The study aims to reveal different pertinent facts associated with Starbucks Coffee Company in accordance with its expansion in the Indian retail market. A detailed study of the team of Board of Directors and the top management has been evaluated.


II. STRATEGIC MANAGERS Board of Directors. Starbucks Coffee Company was actually established by three of the partners in the year 1971 but at present there are in total ten members in the Starbucks’ Board of Directors (Starbucks Corporation, “Starbucks Corporation Board of Directors”). All the members of the Board of Directors possess a distinct background. The present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Howard Schultz was the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Il Giornale Coffee Company. William Bradley was the managing director of an investment banking firm. The other director Mellody Hobson was also the president of an investment management firm. Apart from these three directors, the other seven directors also acquired respectable positions in the various management firms or other industries. Most of the board of directors is serving the coffee company since 1990 till the present day (Morningstar, “Starbucks Corporation”). The members of the board of directors have been ascertained to be reputed individuals in the country. In the strategic management process, Howard Schultz occupies the key responsibility as a leader to direct different activities. It has been determined that the different members in board of directors were selected based on their merit and immense experience in the corporate world (Wheelen and Hunger 471-475). Top Management. ...
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