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Case Study
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CASE STUDY MARKETING, DIXON RETAIL PLC Name: Course: Tutor: College: Date: Table of Contents Answer 3 7 Bibliography 12 Case Study Marketing, Dixon Retail PLC Answer 1 Dixons Retail PLC is one of most renowned expert electrical retailer from UK. The company has a customer base of over 100 million customers in the country.


This would reveal the extent to which the company followed the formal process of marketing planning. Dixons was a product oriented company when it stated its journey in electrical retail segment. Their followed the strategy “stack-em high – sell-em cheap in brightly coloured stores.” This strategy validated the fact that Dixons focused more towards selling good product in well-designed stores, but customer satisfaction was overlooked and it did not occupy centre position in the strategic approach of the company. A general formal marketing planning process is segregated into four parts that is goal setting, analysing present situations, create marketing strategies and allocate the marketing monitoring system and resources. In the goal, setting segment companies set their mission and objectives. Dixons also established its mission to stock products and sell them in brightly coloured stores. Their objective was to offer variety of products and generate lucrative returns. However, the company missed customer service, which its competitors took advantage of. So it can be said that Dixons followed the first step of marketing planning process. The second step is to analyse current situation. The company came to know about its drawbacks during the economic crisis in 2006. ...
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