Is service Marketing Different from Product Marketing?

Is service Marketing Different from Product Marketing? Research Paper example
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Student Name Professor Name Paper Date Services vs. Product Marketing: A Comparison The marketing is believed to be the practice of promoting products and services that are conceptualized and designed in order to meet and fulfill specific needs and wants of the public (Fernando, Saad and Haron pp.


The banking and educational services are a few examples of thriving sub-domains of an increasingly growing industry. The products were previously marketed with the help of highlighting their physical attributes. In recent years, marketers have been switching towards enhancing psychological appeal of the products. The most commonly used technique in this regard goes with the name of celebrity endorsement in which the image of the product is purposely attached with a famous personality. The other famous technique is expert opinion in which an expert is invited to give his or her views about the product. The product advertisement has been turning towards accommodating psychological and mental needs that are duly noted in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Calabrese pp.805). The humans are believed to be the creatures of emotions and feelings. They tend and like to fulfill their psychological needs and wants. In short, humans are always looking to satisfy their deep seated ambitions. The human need to feel important has managed to grown significantly over the past few decades. The humanity is attempting to thrive and the marketers are the ones who are keeping their jobs intact and therefore, benefitting from the abovementioned change a great deal. The services are being marketed and advertised on a psychological ground only. ...
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