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Name Instructor Course Date Executive summary Plastic surgery refers to a medical forte that is concerned with the restitution or rectification of functions and forms. Though artistic or aesthetic surgery is known as plastic surgery, not all plastic surgeries are superficial.


Thing is paper is going to take into account the surgery done by the institute of Miami Florida. The document is a marketing strategy of the institute. The institute is an innovative impression in South Florida leading in plastic surgery. Possessed and operated by gifted surgeons with high-class education and years of experience offering unique and great natural looking outcomes, the services are like no other in the entire region. The institute is located at the centre of Coral Gables, and stands out to be a luxurious and modern state-of-the-art resource equipped to give advanced surgical procedures in a comfortable and safe setting. The document contains the SWOT analysis of the institute, the key campaign strategies discussed extensively in the document citing the need for the institute to have a plan for the marketing. The document is driven to the edification of the public on the merits of the company and the need to use the institute to gain professional experience and learning from the experienced doctors. In addition, the document handles the message strategies that dictate the interaction with the people and consumers of the services rendered by the institute. Lastly, the document will provide the reader the management and implementation of the document with the budgets of the campaign discussed in the end. Plastic surgery institute of Miami I. ...
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