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Consumer Behavior - Research Paper Example


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Consumer Behavior

Apple and clanning The Apple iPhone is one of the most revolutionary products in the electronics market. It was primarily responsible for introducing smartphones to the public. This product made consumers realise that they could browse the web, communicate and do several other things on their mobile phones. It was after the Apple iPhone that the mobile app market rose to its current status. Apple was not the engineer or pioneer of mobile applications or smart phones; however, they were responsible for introducing it to the mass market. Through their elegant presentation, gracious store atmosphere, and well planned innovations, the company has garnered a loyal following from electronic and mobile enthusiasts alike (Sass 2). Every time Apple launches a new version of the IPhone, hoards of consumers will be waiting in line at any of their stores for the purchase of its products. Sometimes, buyers may camp outside their branches overnight. The organisation may get pre-orders for about 2 million iphones within the first hour of release. For the past five years, the same hype has been created around Apple’s products, and it looks like this trend will continue in the foreseeable future. As explained earlier, clanning is a phenomenon that takes place among consumers who share similar values and interests. Part of the reason why Apple products create a lot of excitement is the fact that they bring together persons with similar interests. When one consumer was asked why they would wait for hours

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in line in order to buy an iPhone, the person replied that it is an opportunity to meet people who have the same passion. The company has a community of enthusiasts who simply enjoy being part of something new and exciting. They thrive in the anticipation and suspense created around a new product launch. Apple is well aware of this consumer behaviour, thus explaining why it always creates a lot of secrecy around its launches (Vuong 6). The organisation never tells buyers how many phones it has stocked in order to create suspense. Consumers buy into this suspense and the only way to relieve their curiosity is by buying the product. Other members may engage in clanning for Apple products simply because they share the same set of values as other buyers. The latter category consists of persons who enjoy the status of owning high end products. Usually, the products will still be the same regardless of whether someone bought them early or late. However, the difference comes in the amount one pays when purchasing the product and the prestige that comes with having it. These buyers do not mind paying high premiums for the items. They thrive in having something that everyone else does not have. They will feel connected to their peers because of their ability to garner such products as early as possible. In essence, this is a status thing, and many individuals will come together because of this phenomenon. Rules of economy state that when something is scarce, then its value goes up. Consumers are wary of the fact that they may have to wait for long before they get access to new Apple products. Therefore, a number of the will do unconventional things to get their hands on them (Ayalew 18). A certain category of Apple consumers may simply love technology. They are passionate about technology, software, mobile applications and anything else in the Apple menu. They care about the tiniest details in their


(Name) (Course) (Professor) 16 November 2013 Clanning as an Explanation For Consumer Behaviour At Apple Introduction A consumer craze exists for Apple products regardless of whether they are new or old. Additionally, many buyers are willing to do extraordinary things to get these products as they enter the market…
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Consumer Behavior essay example
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