Point-Of-Purchase Advertising.

Point-Of-Purchase Advertising. Essay example
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When I think of instances I encountered point-of-purchase advertising, I am not reminded by brands but three kinds of products. These are cosmetics, food and magazines. I think the kind of point-of-purchase promotion these products have are very effective.


Every time I pay for something at a convenience store or shopping mall, my eyes always stray to the magazine rack. The colorful front covers never fail to catch my attention. What is featured on those covers is also eye-catching. While I wait for my turn with the cashier, I find myself reading the tidbits about celebrities or appreciating the blurbs on interior decorating. On some days I would find myself getting a copy of one or two magazines from the display to add them to my purchases. The same thing happens to me when it comes to food. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I always come home with something I did not plan on buying. There was one time I only wanted to buy toiletries but arrived home with three cans of Campbell’s Mushroom Soup because the store was having a Buy One, Take One promo on the product. On other days, I would get a spaghetti pack since the store would have noodles and canned tomato sauce packaged as one item. The last product would be cosmetics. As a female, I would always be on the lookout for bargains and sales. Although I am not the type to go to the mall specifically to buy any kind of make-up, when I see a basket with lip colors for a discounted price a piece, I normally grab some, thinking I could send them out later as gifts. ...
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