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A Socially Responsible Consumer Being socially responsible should be a concern of both company and the consumer. After all, everything in a society is part of a cycle. Each thing a member of the society does will have an effect on the other members. This fact should be used as an advantage to make life better for each member of the society.


First, everyone should know that if they do become socially responsible in their buying practices, then they become part of the encouraging statistics regarding corporate social responsibility. According to a survey on corporate social responsibility, more and more people are “willing to pay more for goods and services from companies that have implemented programs to give back to society.” (Nielsen, 2013) This means that there is an increased number of consumers who would like to have a better environment or better working conditions for laborers, for example. An observation of the respondents’ answers revealed that their decision to pay more is influenced by the kind of social issue their purchase would have an effect on. (Nielsen, 2013) This shows that consumers are actually keen on improving the society they live in since they focus and patronize products which can make a difference in their lives, the lives of others and the world in general. For the person who has yet to be a social responsible consumer, it would seem to be a privilege to become a part of the group that would like to effect such a positive change. If so, everyone should be encouraged to be socially responsible customers. Secondly, people could be socially responsible customers just by doing some background checking on the manufacturers they support. ...
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