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Research Paper example - Implications for HR Practices in Other Companies LIKE

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Research Paper
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Implications for HR Practices in other Companies like Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Implications for HR Practices in other Companies like Introduction Zappos’ company culture is what distinguishes it. Several organizations try to manage their human-resource function by applying it to their employees without defining what their culture is…

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HR Lessons from A similar company in online retailing is It has been in operation for only two years, so it has a lot to learn in terms of having a clear-cut organizational culture. took the time to define what its company culture is, and then made sure that all individuals who worked for it fit into the culture. Everything else that they did was an offshoot of this parameter (Palmeri, 2009). Therefore, can learn from this company by doing the same. They must decide on the values and norms that will help them achieve their goals. Once this is done, then the organization can focus on other strategic elements. may also emulate the extent to which organizational culture is a personal responsibility for all staff at Zappos. Modcloth treats organizational culture as a human-resource issue yet Zappos takes a totally different approach. Zappos prefers to hold everyone accountable for the maintenance of their culture. Individuals often work towards this component in every aspect of their jobs. This culture is captured in ten statements that include “Being adventurous and creative," “being humble” and “pursuing growth." The proactive nature in which Zappos diffuses its values may also be used by managers in ...
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