Apple's marketing strategy in China

Literature review
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Apple’s Marketing Strategy in China Literature Review Overview This chapter presents a survey of the existing academic literature which shall inform on the analysis of data in answer to the research questions. Topics relating to Apple’s marketing strategy in China include principles relating to global business such as the analysis of the international marketing environment, considerations on the entry mode into a foreign market, the formulation of the appropriate marketing mix and the design of a viable competitive strategy.


The competitiveness of the global environment has been made possible by technological advances that have leveled the playing field for international businesses to penetrate cross-border markets (Friedman, 2007). Modern means of communication, which facilitates information gathering and business transactions, “allowing people around the world to compete, connect, and collaborate” (Cherunimal, 2010). Nor is the globalization trend limited to commerce and trade, such that “No institution, whether a business, a university or hospital, can hope to survive, let alone to succeed, unless it measures up to the standards set by the leaders in its field any place in the world” (Peter Drucker, 2007, p. 66). Several frameworks for international marketing planning have been conceptualized to capture its nature and scope, although the specific nuances of the process continues to evolve with the changing dynamics of globalization. ...
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