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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Relevance of Marketing Concept to Sony Introduction Sony International Corporation is a Japanese multinational company with its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. Its founders were Akio Morita and his counterpart Masaru Ibuka. It is among the leading assemblers of electronic gadgets for both consumers and the professional markets.


It is also among the top a hundred effectively managed companies across the business world (Koontz & Weihrich 2006, p. 104). This was because of its renowned heritage of creativeness and innovativeness. On the other hand, marketing concept is a marketing philosophy in which a company’s goals revolve around the identification and achieving the needs and wants of the customers (Singh 2004, p. 11). Many company’s have adopted this concept over the recent years and Sony company is one of the firms that have made use of this philosophy in order to achieve its consumer oriented goals. With this, this essay will delve into the relevance of the marketing concept to Sony Corporation by expounding on the ways in which the company has applied it successfully to encompass its global operations. The history of marketing concept In prior years, companies used the sales concept and the production concept to foster their operations, but they proved ineffective in achieving the consumer satisfaction. In essence, the production concept was in existence in the 1920s and its rise attributed to the industrial revolution witnessed across the globe (Faarup 2010, p. 23). The concept was effective because most of the goods produced at this time met the basic needs hence creating a higher demand for the same. ...
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