Maximizing Revenues in Minor Leagues

Maximizing Revenues in Minor Leagues Case Study example
Case Study
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In order to prevent the falcons’ ice hockey team from leaving Springfield, Larry Buckingham had to do something. He carried out a research that would help him come up with the most convenient ticket-pricing plan.


He carried out a research to plan on how he would come up with a ticketing system that was convenient for sports fans in Springfield.
The Customer Profiles
The association found out that most of the people in Springfield were not fans of professional sporting events, despite the fact that the neighboring Boston city is home to some of the world’s best professional sport teams such as basketball’s Celtics and baseball’s Red Sox. Residents attended sporting events at local schools and college events. This is surprising considering the fact that Springfield is the worldwide basketball hall of fame and the birthplace of basketball. It has no professional basketball club and only one ice hockey team. Most of the diehard sports fans go to Boston to watch their favorite sport clubs playing. so for a fact Buckingham knew that there were sports fans in Springfield only that there were no enough sporting events for them to watch in Springfield so they opted for Boston. There were also the college students and little leaguers who were eager to experience professional sporting events in Springfield hence would attend matches to experience the thrill. Buckingham learnt from the general managers of sport teams in other small cities that the keys to selling the Nor’easters to Springfield residents were professionalism, fun, simplicity, and flexibility. ...
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