River Island Strategic Marketing Report (Russian Federation)

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River Island Strategic Marketing Report (Russian Federation) Table of Contents 1. Introduction & Overview 3 2. Marketing Audit 4 Macro environment Analysis – PESTLE 4 Microenvironment Analysis - Competitor Analysis 5 River Island Porter's five forces model 6 Internal Analysis - Porters Value Chain model 6 SWOT Matrix 9 3.


Conclusions 14 Works cited 15 Name of the student Name of professor Course name Date River Island Strategic Marketing Report (Russian Federation) 1. Introduction & Overview River Island is one of the renowned and popular high street brands that operates internationally and has its stores in different countries. This company is headquartered in London and has its presence in many countries, including, many European countries, Russia and the countries in the Middle East. The company has a strong brand presence in Russia due to several factors; the rising interest of the Russian customers in international brands, the quality of products offered by the company and affordable range of prices (Karadakis, Kaplanidou and Karlis 175). Certain subtle changes are visible in the characteristics of the Russian market for consumer products. In recent years, Russian customers are becoming more interested in consuming products of brands have an international presence. This provides the opportunity to the global brands to increase their operations in Russia (Bacon, “Reaching Russia’s lucrative layer”). River Island is considering certain strategic changes in order to utilize the new developments in customers’ preferences (Riverisland, 2013). ...
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