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Hull City Marketing Strategy Name Course Tutor’s Name 29th, July, 2012 Executive Summary THORNTONS PLC Throughout history, Thorntons PLC has been a remarkable trader and producer of chocolates. The company has successfully retain the strength of its brand that continues create opportunities of the future growth in over a 100 years experience in the business to offer huge variety of chocolates.


Chocolates are commonly used in Christmas time, which presents a good opportunity for Thornton to promote their products. The company continues to adapt new strategies to meet consumer’s needs and be competitive during Christmas time in Hull. It has established various strategic plans for the business to create a competent organizational process, increase its sales and margins, incentives and measurability. Different media channels will be used to promote the campaign slogan “Christmas time-chocolate heaven”. The slogan will strengthen the image of Christmas time as a great time to celebrate and have a relaxing moment using Thornton’s range of products such as variety of chocolates wedding favors, corporate gifts, and hampers boxes. The case study of the Company will provide an opportunity to evaluate the whole aspect of planning for considerable growth during Christmas time. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 4 SWOT MATRIX 5 11 Marketing Objectives 6 111. Target Markets 7 IV Product Offering 8 V. ...
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