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Marketing Strategy Analysis 2 Name: Institution: Marketing Strategy Analysis 2 Wal-Mart is not specifically known for its immaculate customer service. In addition, the chain store lacks in breadth and cleanliness of product lines. However, what they lack in visuals, they make up for with a completely unparallel price and convenience competitiveness (Gimein, 2002).


The firm’s online marketing strategy incorporates all features of online marketing, but through all the obvious techniques, it is their aggressiveness, which has stressed and widened their need to succeed and stay at the peak of the retail industry (Hayden et al., 2010). However, a hostile campaign inevitably harvests controversy, and through the years, the firm has been involved with a fair share of negative publicity mainly concerning their particular marketing technique (Bachfischer, 2012). Their bullying attitude has made many perceive them as unfair and unreasonable, but Wal-Mart still hinges at the top of the retail industry despite their negative attention. The firm’s marketing techniques comprises of overflowing the market with their presence (Hayden et al., 2010). This is startling for people who perceive Wal-Mart’s business endeavors startling. However, with such a huge quantity of retail stores, extremely competitive pricing, along with such a huge market share, their marketing method has demanded an overall invasion of all the suitable markets (Bachfischer, 2012). Wal-Mart provides numerous types of products, with a fairly easy list of options (Hayden et al., 2010). The Sam’s Club of the chain store provides an alternative for those who prefer bulk, as well. ...
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