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As a result, there are pros and cons when a company decides to contract a celebrity to be the face of its product or service. Celebrity endorsers are individuals who are known to the public for achievements in areas other than that of the product-category endorsed. The individual enjoys public acknowledgement and who uses this acknowledgement on behalf of a product or service by appearing with it in an advertisement. As well as promoting established brands, celebrity endorsers are used to promulgate new brand images, reposition brands or introduce new ones (Pride, 2013). The use of celebrities has become a common practice for companies competing in today’s cluttered media environment, with one in five marketing campaigns now featuring celebrities. The use of celebrities as endorsers tends to create, attempts to create positive effects in the minds of consumers, operating alongside consumers’ owned culturally formed meanings. Companies invest large sums of money to align their brands and themselves with endorsers. The rising popularity of this phenomenon is due to increasing consumer consciousness and new product proliferation, and encouraging marketers to use attention-creating media stars to assist in product marketing. ...
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Pros and Cons of celebrities in marketing campaigns Name Institution Thesis statement The celebrity endorser is a ubiquitous feature of modern marketing and millions of dollars are spent annually on celebrity endorsements contracts. There are often three types of endorsers: the celebrity, the professional, and the typical consumer…
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