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Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date of Submission: The Insider Fashions Store Marketing Plan Executive Summary Fashion has lately undergone a tremendous revolution. There is a great change in how people used to put on in the 20th century and 21st century.


The Insider Fashions has got a good reception to in the market, thanks to its broad range of customers. Its target market has found the place a one stop shop for all the family fashion. This has brought the need for the store to stretch its branches in various parts of the state. Therefore, it is only from a good marketing plan that the operations of this company can be well executed. Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives The mission of The Insider Fashion Store is to ‘’use the displayed opportunity in the current trends in fashion to provide the best outfit solution to all categories of customers, under one roof, through vigorous market research and rapid product design’’. Its vision is to ‘’become a world class store of the best outfits to all consumer categories’’. As a progressive store, The Insider has a goal to cover all the states in the USA by 2014. SWOT Analysis i. Strengths The Insider Fashions Store is a one stop shop for all the family cloths; therefore it attracts a broad range of customers. There is a welcoming mood created by the store’s employees, where customers are ushered in, well attended to and even provided with snacks to keep them shopping even for longer hours. The store stocks a range of products from all over the world, most of which, come from the most reputable brands in the world. ...
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