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Marketing F-16 Fighting Falcon Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Marketing F-16 Fighting Falcon Introduction Marketing any product in an unfamiliar market requires extensive research and planning. The F-16 Fighting Falcon is the most successful fighter aircraft in history not only in terms of sale but also in terms of combat usage.


The F-16 was initially developed by the company General Dynamics, however General Dynamics sold its aircraft manufacturing facilities to Lockheed Martin and it has since been marketed by them. With the current race of weapons technology, it is also not deniable that management of the F-16 at Lockheed Martin will do very well to keep it relevant in the latest war arenas and war deterrence mechanisms of the world. In its field of work, the F-16's fate really depends on its manufacturers being able to keep it competitive with other aircraft of its role in terms of functionality. Functionality, Time, Place and Ease of Possession As stated in the previous statement the crucial feature for the F-16 as a product is the state of its functionality. Upgrading the F-16 has been vital in keeping it competitive. Unfortunately upgrading any product can never produce the same results as incorporating a technology in the design process of the product. There have been a few issues reported in latest block of type C/D aircraft. This is because the upgrading process is being severely hindered by technical complications due to the advent of sophisticated avionics software. ...
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