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There has been intense criticism in the social media, television and print media about the previous advertisements of the Red Bull energy drink. The most recent was in South Africa which caused controversy among many believers.


The Christians, they believe that only Jesus had such powers to walk over water, but if this drink was capable to make someone do what Jesus is the only one who could do, then it is portrayed to be as powerful as Jesus (Anne-Marrie, 2012). This British Company has received a slap on the cheek as it tried to make fun of the Titanic tragedy where more than 1,500 people lost their lives. The bad reception saw the company lose market all over the world as people tried to criticize them that it is so soon and not enough to make fun of such a tragedy moment (Kieran, 2013). The ad suggested that if Red Bull was on board, people who could have taken it could have had wings to fly away hence escaping death. It is because of this negative reception about the company that this ad program is being developed so that the company image can be regained and the business can boom once more. Product The Red Bull Company specializes in its main product of Red Bull energy drink. It actually found an opportunity in the market gap where there was a need for an energy drink which is non-alcoholic. This product was specially designed for use by everyone, both children and adults and both believers like Christians and non-believers like pagans. ...
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