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Stock marketing and the great depression - Movie Review Example


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Stock marketing and the great depression

In this movie, it is revealed that the creators of this model were two Nobel Peace Prize winners in Economics in the year 1997. Through out this documentary, I was impressed by the manner in which the characters sought to highlight and build upon the key themes. For instance, these Nobel Prize winners are noted to have engaged the formula which seemed to have worked well for them until 1 year later when their Long Term Capital Management hedge fund collapsed thus, forcing them to stagger with a debt of $100 billion. In this regard, it is prudent to note that apart from all the speculations that have been aired regarding the same, the collapse was due to a significant leverage in the strategy which they employed. So basically, I noted that the whole concept in this documentary was about the failure of the Long Term Capital Management hedge fund in the year 1998. First, the movie started by describing the stock exchange market at that particular time in relation to the psychological views that were held by different traders of the same market. More particularly, I am impressed at this point by the argument of how traders sell in the market. For instance, the fearful ones are seen as rushing in to sell all their stocks, a clear contrast of the greedy buyers who rush in to buy and accumulate the same stocks for speculation purposes. Thus, this behavior depicts the market as one purely based on irrational emotion. In my view, this notes that should a trader be willing to walk the path of success

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in the market, he would need to master the public’s psychoanalysis opinion on the nature of the market. Through this, a trader can be able to correctly predict the market movements and benefit from them (Beaudreau 70). However, as the movie progresses, the notion above is greatly contrasted by the views of academicians who perceive the stock market as a random walk with no defined or precise method to predict its movements. As an argument for this, I am much impressed by the illustration in which darts are thrown randomly at the Wall Street Journal. In reality, as this scene ends, it emerges that the depression of 1998 outperformed even the top traders in the market. Watching the movie, I also get introduced to the various pricing methods that can be applied on options and contracts. Specifically, I realize a lot of movements by the players who try to attempt to solve the financial matter at hand. In seeking to prove the formula, the proponents present a nice look of the Black-Scholes model by adding ad-hoc psychological notions that and removing most of the other factors except for risk. In this I learnt that in order to crucially build the stock portfolio and options in a manner that cancels each other, there needs to be dynamic hedging i.e. regular interval market adjustments. As a result of this, the traders are thus, persuaded to adopt the formula even before it’s publishing. This move in my opinion gave the impression of the possibility of several things being achieved just through hedging: hence, a reduction of the market risks. However, I would not side with this argument that supports hedging since it is not true that as a market hedges, less risks are incurred hence, leading to a better society. On the other hand, as I got to the end of the movie, the most outstanding achievement is the recognition of the formula’


Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: Stock marketing and the Great Depression Having viewed this movie from the beginning to the end, anyone who gets the opportunity to watch it would agree with me that for one reason, it has one main thing that stands out: the subject of money or financial management…
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Stock marketing and the great depression essay example
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