report about strategic issues related to a previous assignment

report about strategic issues related to a previous assignment Research Paper example
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Introduction In the previous assignment, a strategic analysis of Secret Garden Party/Secret Productions in terms of understanding the business environment and competitive positioning of the company has been conducted. This report will focus on the evaluation of a strategic option available for the company in order to strengthen its competitive positioning in the market.


“Principle of Participation” is the underlying driving force of the success of the festival. However, few strategic issues have turned out to be nontrivial for the organization in the festival in the recent years. These issues are: The tickets of the concerts and the programs of the festival are very pricy. In the recent years, especially from 2009, the recession in the global economy has reduced the supply of money in the economy; this has reduced the disposable incomes of the consumers. The demands for the tickets of the festival have fallen for this reason in the recent years. The industry for entertainment has become highly competitive in nature. The occurrences of famous sports events like the Olympics have seemed to reduce the popularity of the music festivals. Rather there are also other companies engaging in the organization of music events. The entertainment and music festival market of UK has become more competitive due to entry of new competitors and service diversification of existing competitors. For example, competitors or creative entertainment shows like Northern Darkness, Dumbfest Music and Comedy similar offerings like Secret Garden Party/Secret Productions (Kuchler, 2013). ...
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