how to make the restaurant successful?

how to make the restaurant successful? Case Study example
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How to make a restaurant successful Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: How to make a restaurant successful Restaurants, just as is the case with all other businesses requires critical skills and strategic features in operation in order to grow and successfully compete within the market.


There is therefore the need for an interested investor within this industry to consider a number of factors, which are important in making a restaurant succeed in business while at the same time having the investor realize targeted gains. However, critical analysis of case studies within the Bora Bora Island reveals high unhealthy competition from restaurant operators, which threatens to lock out interested investors while at the same time making some investors to succumb to business failure and close down. This finding therefore informs this paper’s intention to evaluate on the factors that would make restaurants successful and thus thrive within the hotel industry. In fact, many people get interested in investing in hospitality industry as the industry holds great prospects in profits and returns though many do it without proper preparation, which is necessary for the success of the restaurant. Among many factors that contribute to the failure of restaurants are poor decisions as well as poor management practices. Success in managing a successful restaurant requires that management understands the restaurant’s image, what the customers want as well as the best ways of providing it. ...
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