Prepare an international marketing environment analysis report for Australia

Prepare an international marketing environment analysis report for Australia Essay example
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International Marketing environment analysis report for Australia Contents Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 International marketing environment in Australia 4 Political environment 4 Economic Environment 5 Social environment 5 Cultural Factor 6 Technological Environment 6 Legal Factor 7 Financial Factor 7 Current challenges for international marketers 7 Protectionism 7 Opportunities for international marketers 9 Conclusion 10 References 12 Executive Summary Australia is a developed country with majority of their economy dependent on exports of goods and commodities.


The benefits of adoption of technology are reduced costs, new products and higher quality. Australia has a strong financial regulations and institutions which makes the business environment healthy. Introduction Australia is a country which comprises of the mainland of Australian continent, Tasmanian Island and smaller islands. It is sixth-largest country in the world by total area. It is a developed country and also one of the wealthiest of countries in the world. It is presently the world’s 12th largest economy. Australia has achieved second-highest human development index globally. It has achieved good performance in many vital statistics like health, quality of life, protection of civil liberties, economic freedom and political rights. Australia has a high urbanized population. In terms of trade Australia has given major emphasis on exporting manufactured goods. For more than 50 years, Australia has been facing a large current account deficit. For more than 15 years their GDP has grown by over 3.6% which is satisfactory as compared to other OECD average of 2.5%. ...
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