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Marketing Communications Tools Table of Contents Introduction 3 Significance of Traditional Forms of Marketing Communications in the Contemporary Organizations 4 Literature review 5 Pros and Cons of Traditional marketing Tools 5 Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing Tools 7 Need for Appropriate Combination of Traditional and/or Digital Tools 9 Importance of Integration to Ensure Successful Communications 10 Conclusion 10 References 12 Introduction The contemporary business environment is continuously encountered with the explosion of new and advanced technologies.


Notably, it can be ascertained that in the past few years’ digital technology and the expansion of targeting capabilities has shifted from the traditional marketing tools to digital marketing tools. Due to the continuous revolution in the field of marketing communication tools particularly the internet, it has be found that both small organizations as well as big organizations are widely inclined towards using modern digital marketing tools over the conventional tools. Traditional marketing tools involving print media (such as magazines, newspapers and newsletters) electronic media (such as broadcasting through television and radios) and direct marketing among others can be ascertained to be barely used by the contemporary business organizations. Nonetheless, both the traditional and digital marketing tools have some advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it would be wise to use the combine form of traditional and digital marketing tools in order to achieve the best outcome. ...
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