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Marketing Management A Case Study of Snow White Dry Cleaning and Laundry Company (Institution’s Name) (Student’s Name) 20th November, 2013 Executive Summary The presence of Snow White Laundry & Drycleaners in Sydney has been a welcome phenomenon over the past few decades.


The business has employees who range between nine and ten who work to serve the customers that are coming from that area, or visiting from other areas. The growth of the business is determined by the manner in which they advertise their products and services. One crucial area in the running of the business is the incorporation of technology into the company core operations or business processes (Lynn, 2010). Engaging actively with customers on numerous media fronts is what keeps the company on its toes. By engaging in all cleaning and laundry operations, the company has something to offer most of its customers. Laundromat and laundry services make it easy for customers to choose what they want, and go for it through different avenues. By performing different analysis in the environment where the business operates provides the company with sufficient information as to what best suits the company. Issues that have been noted from this analysis is that the company has a small staff number, which is a drawback. Secondly, the business is faced with the issue of heightened competition from small players within the industry. ...
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