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The concept of semiotics

Semiotics, also regarded as semiotic study is the study of signs and processes related to signs, indications, symbolism, communication and other aspects of understanding human language and their behaviour. The study closely resembles with the aspects of linguistics that largely deals with the study and understanding of language in a more precise manner. The study is often categories in three diverse branches which comprise semantics, pragmatics and syntactic among others. The branch of semantics deals with depicting the relationship between signs and the things they might refer to. Subsequently, pragmatics includes the relationship amid the signs and sign-using agents. Correspondingly, the branch of syntactic deals with the study of the relationship amid signs in formal structure. It is believed that the study of semiotics is quite vital in the aspects of understanding human culture and behaviour on the basis of their communication (Eco, 1979). Semiotics has become an important part of contemporary business. It is implemented in various domains of business today with the intention to enhance the operations of the business. Semiotics in business examines the nature, characteristics as well as information with the aim to organise various crucial activities. It has been observed that semiotics in organisations treats the business unit as an information system where information of various types are created, processed and stored so that it could be used in future context. ...
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The paper “The concept of semiotics” will emphasize upon the aspect of enhancing brand equity with the implementation of semiotics. Semiotics is known as the approach of studying processes that is associated with communication approach in order to represent the culture and behaviour of people…

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