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MARKETING Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction Erich Fromm suggests that the producer creates consumer wishes and consumer behavior is increasingly crucial in any marketing strategy. This paper will define and discuss consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and show how producers manufacture consumer wishes through various marketing strategies.


A marketing strategy is the means that the producer uses to focus and identify various ways he can influence the decision of his customers to purchase his products. The marketing concept to be used should satisfy consumer needs and help the producer to achieve in increasingly competitive markets. To achieve competitive advantage, in an increasingly competitive market place, the producer should establish an effective market strategy that will influence consumer wishes and win them into his side. Erich claims that the manufacturing of various products factors in behavior and wishes of buyers because the producer wishes to influence and change buyers’ interests in production. This statement raises ethical concerns about whether marketing is ethically professional; this is because producers aim to manipulate consumer behaviors in various ways of marketing. Producers manufacture consumer behavior in various ways for instance, through packaging. Producers package their products in a way to attract attention of the buyers to a certain brand, promote its image, and influence the perception of buyers about the brand2. ...
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