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The opening of the Chinese economy is perhaps the most significant decision that will work in favor of the US Airways. The neo-market policies adopted by China and opening up of all its sectors including the aviation sector, will work in favor of the company.


It is a subsidiary of the US Airways Group with its headquarters in Temple, Arizona. The airline company operates both domestically and internationally. Being one of the biggest names, it would obviously want to explore the Asian markets. However, the major determining factor in this regard would be the pricing of fuel in the coming fiscal year, the economic scenario and the state of the aviation fleet. Interestingly, the company had already received permission from the sovereign authority to fly from Philadelphia to China back in 2008. However, due to the global economic slowdown, the project got delayed. This paper aims to understand the impact of the business environment of China on the expansion of US Airways and the possible marketing strategies to be adopted.
Under the leadership of MAO Zedong, China had developed as a socialist state. However since 1978, under the leadership of DENG Xiaoping and with a favorable attitude towards globalization, a pro-market economic structure had materialized with a positive outcome through an increased GDP (“East & Southeast Asia: China”).
The majority of the population is Buddhist with Christians and Muslims forming the minority. ...
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