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Company Analysis: Marks & Spencer/ Limited collection Name Date Introduction and Background Marks and Spencer (M&S) is a British multinational clothing brand, currently operating in over 40 countries around the world with over 1000 of store chain globally.


The company had been founded in 1884. The founders of the company were Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer (Briggs, 1984). Nowadays, the brand is considered as a style icon among the style and trend lovers. It has now extended too many brand lines. The company was also victimized of the recent financial crisis that was observed during last decade, but through effective marketing and operational strategies, the management sooner remained successful coping up the slump effects. In response to reduce the effects of economic recession, one of the most successful marketing strategies was targeting strategy revisited. The management decided to target niche. The “Limited Collection” named brand was one the most successful events in effort to regain the previous leadership position. Currently, only UK stores’ chain has 21 million plus customer turnover per week (Marks and spencer annual report 2012). Current Scenario: Marketing Strategy M&S has retailing structure of stores. They have particularly targeted the status quo of upper class and upper middle class of the society. The offerings of Marks and Spencer are considered as class symbol and people feel real value while being able to afford the brand. In other words, it is the brands of brand and cost conscious people. Recently the management has announced to commence 60 new stores around the world till the year 2016. ...
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