Advertising Management and Brand Delivery

Advertising Management and Brand Delivery Essay example
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In the book “Confessions of an Advertising Man”,David Ogilvy stated that “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” The aforementioned line by Davis Ogilvy is the central theme of this essay and here we will analyze qualitative merit of his statement.


Before criticizing statement, one has to understand the perspectives and viewpoint David Ogilvy (who has built one of the largest advertising agencies in the world) in order to address key assignment questions in precise manner (Rieck, 2013). David Ogilvy viewed advertising as the source of promoting products and helping the company to sell items which can help the firm to generate revenue. Consideration of the confession of David Ogilvy in the book named as “Confessions of an Advertising Man” reveals the fact that the advertising legend was not even ready to perceive advertising as creative expression which may not have sales impact (Ogilvy, 1988). Ogilvy (1988, p. 43) wrote “I tell new recruits that I will not allow them to use the word creative to describe the functions they are to perform in the agency” in order to his ignorance towards the word creativity. According to Ogilvy (1988), one cannot afford to become creative in advertisement designing for the sake of creativity without producing measurable result because it is responsibility of the advertising firm to take care of the interest of client who is paying for designing the advertisement. ...
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