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Marketing Individual Project [Pick the date] Author The two- Asian countries selected for the purpose of report are Japan and China. Both of the countries have their own advantages making them distinct in their own respect. However, the resources of China are vaster as compared to Japan and they have less trade deficit as well.


The elevated productivity was due to the raise in capital, machines, innovation in technology, more experienced and educated labor, enhanced support from the government and favorable political policies. Therefore, Japan’s miraculous economy was in the past as compared to the modern times as it is facing obstacles of low growth and development rate. Although the economic growth also enhanced the standard of living of the Japanese as compared to the Americans (Flath, 2005). The important factor was that the income in Japan is evenly and fairly distributed in relation to United States. Similar to United States economy Japan has also turned out to be a manufacturing nation. Japan has been successful in getting cheap labor from the neighboring Southeast Asian countries. This alteration from a comparatively more service economy has also exhibited the alteration of preferences and tastes of the consumers. Japan is considered to be the eight most densely populated country around the globe. The main problem with Japan is that the land of Japan is not large enough to cater the demand of agriculture. Japan despite all its success is not able to produce food for its own population. Japan is devoid of many raw materials necessary for the industry, for example coal, oil, iron ore, aluminum, copper and wood. Japan is relying on other countries for most of its imports. ...
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